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Are Plastic Bags the Best Option for the Environment?

Do you believe plastic bags are harming the environment? The good news is that recent research from two nations shows plastic bags are the greatest choice for the environment, whereas cotton bags are really harming both the environment and human health. 

A recent study from Denmark’s Environmental Protection Agency discovered even more startling findings.

According to the study, cotton bags need to be reused at least 52 additional times to reduce their influence on climate change and at least 7,100 additional times to reduce their impact on all environmental indicators.

Naturally, the experts noted plastic bags are 100% reusable, besides their discovery that they are better for the environment.

While some would believe that outlawing or increasing the prices of plastic bags is an easy way to help the environment, a wealth of data show that these measures actually deprive customers of their most environmentally favorable choice.

All of this data points out to analyzing our usage instead of clearly outlawing plastic bags.


Plastic's Environmental Effects

The amount of plastic produced in plastic bag factory in 2016 alone was estimated at 335 million metric tonnes. Recycling rates for plastic garbage are at around 9%. However, things have changed with the availability of recyclable plastics and plastic bag substitutes.


Plastic Bag Benefits

Plastic bag usage is quite high, especially in the food industry; given below are the major benefits of using plastic bags.

  • Plastic bags are extremely flexible and adaptable to different forms of packaging.
  • Plastic provides a lightweight option for packaging, especially if your product is heavy. You do not want a plastic substitute that can add to the weight of the product.
  • Plastics are extremely resistant to environmental damage, and it does not degrade in hot or cold climates.
  • Plastic bags help restore freshness for a long time since they are not affected by external influences. You can store your food for a longer period of time.
  • Special plastic bag-making machines are being incorporated by plastic bag suppliers that ease the recycling process of plastic recycling.


Plastic Bag Substitutes

LDPE (single-use) bags have several substitutes in use. Retailers might implement a small tax for high-density polyethylene bags, which are stronger plastic bags made to be reused.

Supermarkets also provide “green” bags and advise patrons to use their own bags. There are speculations that alternatives to plastic bags can help in bringing about a positive change in the environment.


How Can We Limit the Effects of Plastic Bag Consumption?

Single-use plastic bags are known to lead to many issues, especially when they get into the ocean. But merely outlawing plastic bags won’t be enough to prevent global warming.

The earth can become worse off than it was if we simply switch out one kind of bag for another without altering our usage habits. Reusing our shopping bags as often as possible helps reduce their negative environmental effects.

Smaller everyday changes in consumption can bring about long-lasting effects that protect our environment.  


Purchase the Needed High-Quality Plastic Bags

For packaging materials, there are many possibilities available in today’s market. The range of options, from cardboard to glass to aluminum, might be bewildering. Although some businesses are avoiding the use of plastic, it is still one of the most excellent materials.

Unlike the common misconception, certain kinds of plastic bags from some plastic bag manufacturers, such as Teong Chuan Plastic (M) Sdn Bhd, are degradable and do not harm the environment. It is only about making the right choices to protect the environment.  


All in All

While traditional, single-use plastic bags are considered to be harmful to the environment, lesser evils like cotton bags are still not the right choices to consider.

It is imperative that, as informed citizens of this planet, we bring about changes in our consumption habits as much as changing our choice of bags. Even a plastic bag that is used multiple times saves the environment in its own way.