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What Kinds of Materials are Biodegradable?

What is a Biodegradable Material?

A biodegradable material can be described as something that can be broken down quickly by bacteria or any other natural organisms without causing any kind of pollution.

The process of degradation of biodegradable material is completely natural and can happen either quickly or slowly, depending on the nature of the material.

It can be seen that very minimal hazards or environmental problems come up concerning biodegradable materials as the materials and procedure are natural.

Materials like kitchen waste, human waste, paper, sewage sludge, etc. are a few examples of biodegradable materials.

Significance of Using Biodegradable Materials

The main significance of using a biodegradable material is its ability to break down in a natural environment without resulting in toxic substances.

Non-biodegradable materials cause a lot of environmental damage and hence should be avoided. The faster decomposition rate of biodegradable materials contributing to sustainable ways to live comfortably helps in the overall development of the environment.

The significance of using biodegradable materials is the following:


a. Eco-friendly

Biodegradable materials are eco-friendly as they are naturally beneficial and can undergo degradation faster without causing any environmental damage.

Even though plastic can harm the environment, plastic bags made from biodegradable material can be used without causing environmental problems.

The use of eco-friendly products like OXO biodegradable bags, which have great quality, helps ensure effective usage without many environmental issues.


b. Create a Smaller Amount of Toxins

The use of biodegradable materials helps create a smaller amount of toxins which does not result in much pollution or environmental problems.

As fewer toxins are created, they can be easily broken down in a natural environment. Biodegradable plastic bags can be used instead of traditional bags to use quality products without creating many toxins that affect the overall environmental conditions.


c. Reduce Greenhouse Gases

The natural breakdown of biodegradable products results in fewer carbon emissions than traditional plastic as there are only 0.8 tons of carbon.

This plant-based process will not affect the emission of greenhouse gases but will help reduce pollution concerning the same. The use of biodegradable materials like cork helps in the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


d. Decrease in the Amount of Trash

The waste reduction caused by the use of biodegradable products or materials results in less waste ending up in landfills.

This makes the overall waste management process easier and more convenient for people. One of the efficient, biodegradable materials which can be used to reduce the amount of trash is the garbage bag, which can be utilized better than other bags.


Five Biodegradable Materials

The enhanced use of biodegradable materials and reduction in traditional plastics help users obtain desired products without causing any environmental damage.


Using such materials that can be reused and recycled in an eco-friendly manner help in solving the waste issues along with pollution problems leading to severe environmental damage.

Five important biodegradable materials that can be used are the following:

1. Biodegradable Plastic Bags

One of the important biodegradable materials that can be used effectively is this type of plastic bag, which is more energy-efficient and can help reduce waste. Using less harsh chemicals makes it a better option than other traditional plastics.

2. OXO biodegradable bags

The bags that are neither bioplastic nor biodegradable plastic fall under this category of materials and come across as an effective alternative to plastics. Such products provide a great solution for managing plastic waste without causing environmental issues.

3. Bamboo Straws

Bamboo and bamboo straws are made with 100% biodegradable materials that can be easily discarded and left for degradation, providing tremendous environmental benefits.

4. Garbage Bags

An important biodegradable material that is preferably used is a kind of bag that is strong and can be relied on because it has a biodegradable nature.

5. Cork

Cork is one of the important biodegradable materials that can save the planet, as it has effective biodegradability qualities that can also be reused completely. The cork production also contributes towards reducing the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.



Biodegradable materials can be described as substances that can decay naturally without causing any harmful effects.

Certain materials are only biodegradable, which means they can undergo the process of degradation easily and at a faster rate.

Biodegradable substances are preferred mostly by users as they come with multiple benefits that can be used for your business.

As environmental protection needs to be given utmost priority in any situation, it is important to use beneficial biodegradable materials to enhance development.