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What are the Common Parcel Packaging Mistakes?

Packaging is important for businesses, especially retail businesses, when it comes to providing a satisfying shopping experience to consumers. Without efficient and attractive packaging, there is a high chance that you can even end up losing customers. 

Nowadays, the importance of packaging has increased thanks to the rise in online shopping. eCommerce retail customers want a satisfying unboxing experience when they get the parcel.

Good packaging solutions, such as high-quality plastic bags, are required to ensure the products are transported safely.  

There are certain common mistakes associated with packaging, especially plastic bag packaging. In this article, you will get to know all about them. 


1. Incorrect Size

Plastic bags are available in many different types and sizes, for example, clear plastic bags and biodegradable plastic bags.

An increasing number of eCommerce stores means a lot of people are sending the products through shipments. It is important to use the right size plastic packaging to ensure the parcel is properly protected and the business does not exceed the weight limit allowed for shipments.  

Generally, keep these things in mind to choose the right size:

  • Use smaller and tighter packaging to ensure maximum protection.
  • Keep your plastic bag inside a box, but avoid over-boxing.
  • Smaller items can be put in the same plastic bag or container.
  • Provide correct dimensions to the shipping company.


2. Low-Quality Packaging Materials

You should always use a high-quality packaging to ensure it can hold the weight of the parcel you are sending.

A lot of good options are available for biodegradable plastic bags and clear plastic bags. Moreover, you can properly seal the bag using tapes to ensure it does not get opened during shipping. 


3. Lack of Shipping Labels

A common mistake many businesses make is that they don’t properly label the products they are sending. Labelling is important, even if your products are in a clear plastic bag. Cheap shipping labels are easily available; attach them to plastic bags or shipping boxes.

Next, make sure that you do not damage the product inside when you stick the label on your package. Modern shipping labels come with a lot of customization options, so you can even use them for marketing and branding purposes.


4. Not Evaluating Customer Expectations

Customers have varying expectations in terms of the packaging and quality of the products. For instance, if your business claims to offer natural and healthy products, customers will expect you to use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. 

Innovations in the packaging industry have paved the way for biodegradable plastic bags to become popular, accessible, and affordable.

Therefore, if your target audience is expecting you to offer eco-friendly packaging, you should definitely ship the products in biodegradable plastic bags to impress the customers and show your commitment in sustainability. 


5. Ignoring the 3 Components of Packaging

There are three main components of packaging that you must keep in mind to safely ship the products. These components are:


a. Containers

There should be a container that will contain the overall package. The style, type, and size of the container are selected according to the product you are shipping to the customers.

A wide range of containers is available in the form of wooden boxes, cardboard boxes, and plastic containers. It is a good idea to customize the plastic container to impress your customers.


b. Fillers

Fillers provide protective cushioning to the products. They can be crumpled papers, air cushions, bubble wraps, and plastic fillers.

However, fillers are not required in every type of parcel. They are typically used when you are shipping sensitive products that have a high chance of getting damaged during shipping.


c. Outer Covers

An outer cover, like a simple, clear plastic bag, is meant to protect the package from dirt, dust, and moisture. If you are using a strong plastic container with fillers, you might not have to use an outer cover.

However, plastic bags are extremely affordable, so you should always keep your products in a plastic bag, even when a whole container is being used.


All in All

By paying attention to the mistakes discussed above and avoiding them in the shipping process, you will be able to safely ship the products to your customers.

Ultimately, providing a satisfying unboxing experience through attractive and safe packaging will allow you to win over your customers and make them keep coming back to your business.