recycled plastics resins

Plastic is something that we use in our daily lives, from water bottles to toys. But did you know that there are different types of plastic, and they’re not all the same? For instance, recycled plastics have always been compared with virgin resins in terms of sustainability.

In this article, we are pleased to discuss the differences between recycled plastics and virgin resins and their impact on eco-friendly and sustainable development. So, keep reading to learn all about it. 

Overview of Virgin Resins

The resin manufactured from natural resources like crude oil, petrochemical feedstock, and natural gas is called virgin resin. It is the purest and most unprocessed type of resin. Since virgin resins possess a variety of original properties, they also offer numerous benefits in plastic production.


Plastic bag suppliers and manufacturers who choose to use virgin resin in their manufacturing facilities often do so due to the following benefits:  


Despite the numerous benefits of virgin resins, there are some noticeable disadvantages as well:

Recycled Plastics

Recycled plastics are plastic products made from resins obtained from recyclable plastics. In other words, the manufacturing of such recycled plastics is circular in nature. Some of the companies and plastic bag suppliers also call such resins as ‘Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR)’.

With a greater focus on adopting eco-friendly and sustainable practices, the use and importance of recycled plastics have greatly increased over the last few years.

It is good for the environment, and companies or plastic bag factories typically collect such plastic from trash, so the issue of garbage disposal is also mitigated.


The following are the key benefits of recycled resins:


It is evident that recycled resin has many more benefits than virgin resin. Nevertheless, it does not mean that recycled plastics do not come with their own set of cons and challenges, such as:

Final Takeaways 

Overall, both recycled plastics and virgin resins have their importance in the plastic industry. Plastic bag suppliers and manufacturers can choose to use any of these raw materials on the basis of their requirements and target audience.    

For instance, if a plastic bag factory is mainly targeting the eco-conscious and sustainable developed-focused market, it should be using recycled plastics.

However, if the target consumers of a plastic bag supplier or manufacturer expect the highest possible quality and plastic product in a precise shape, it should use virgin resins to obtain the desired outcome.

Also, plastics products that are made from virgin resins can later be recycled to make other plastics products.   

Keeping in mind that the plastics industry is a huge industry, there is room for both virgin resins and recycled plastics to exist and fulfill the specific requirements of individuals and businesses.

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