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Mask In

Mask-In Disposable Mask
Quantity: 50pcs/box;
Box/carton: 40 boxes
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Economy and Multi-Purpose

ECONOMY (Singlet Bags)

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Compactly packed to ensure effiecient space-saving for both retailers and consumers.

COMPACT (Starseal Garbage Bags)

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Ideal for waste separation and recycling

VALUE (StarSeal Garbage)

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Defend your home from pests

SHIELD (Scented & Repels Pests Garbages Bags)

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When normal garbage bags just aren’t tough enough

POWER (Heavy Duty Garbage Bags)

Why OXO-Biodegradable bags?
Because it degrades in the open environments, in the same way as a leaf only quicker and leaving nothing behind (no toxic residues or fragment of plastics)-d2w

OXO-T (Singlet Bags)

Compactly packed to ensure efficient space-saving for both retailers and consumers.

Xtra Power (Starseal Garbage Bags)

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for foods/liquids

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for HOT foods/liquids

TAPAO (Flat Bags)

Love our environtment by using GREEN-T, made from starch and comes with strength. It decomposes because of microorganisms, heat and active compost pile.


Hygenic and convenient plastics sheets in different sizes, cater for your needs.

Plastics Sheet

Non-toxic | Multi-purpose | Fits either hands | Hygenical | Easy Donning

Handy (Disposable Plastic Glove)

Perfect cup carry bags made to carry 1,2 and 3 hot or cold beverage cups. It prevents leakage and condensation. This is convenient and definetly great for a variety of carryout needs!

Cup Carrier Bags

One of our best selling wholesale bags for retailers in different colours and sizes to cater to different needs.

Thank You Bags

Freezer bags are thicker, tougher and more durable to store food in the freezer.


Code: Freezy
Size (inch): 14 x 20
Quantity: 150 pcs/pack
Packet/Sack: 12

Teong Chuan Freezy plastic bag
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The economical version of cup handle bags for takeaway drinks, making life easier.
Suitable for milk tea shop, coffee shop, burger shop etc.

Cup T

Disposable aprons are easy to clean and suitable to use in food handling, house work tasks, pharmaceutical etc


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