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Mask-In Disposable Mask
Quantity: 50pcs/box;
Box/carton: 40 boxes
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Economy and Multi-Purpose



Garbage bags are also called trash bags or bin bags. They are useful for lining the inside of a waste bin to prevent the bin from being coated with waste materials. When the bag is full, they are taken to the waste collection centres for final trashing. 

Garbage bags are essential items and can be found in homes, offices, and industrial facilities using waste bins. Garbage bags are available in different sizes for different sizes of bins. 

Because of their differences in sizes, construction and area of application, choosing the right garbage bag that fits your requirements is vital.

How to Choose The Right Garbage Bag

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Garbage bags come in different thicknesses. For kitchen waste, a garbage bag of .90 mil will serve, but if you’re remodelling or trashing heavy waste, you need a bag with a thickness of 2.0 or 3.0 mil.

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If you want to dispose of large, heavy waste, you need a bag that stretches. The stretchy garbage bags are high-density bags found mostly in office restrooms. They are also cheaper compared to their low-density counterpart.

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While many bags claim to have odour blocking features, there is little or nothing they can do to stop the smell of rotten cheese and fungus infested salad. The best you can do about odorous waste materials is to throw them out quickly.

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Price should not be a major concern when you shop for garbage bags, except when you’re shopping in large quantities. Instead of saving on bags that will spill the waste, spend a few extra cents for thicker bags that will hold the garbage when you take it out. 

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Garbage bag closures include drawstrings, flap ties, and time-honoured twist ties. Drawstring provides better grip on the bin and is easy to tie. Flap ties work well with larger trash bags; twist ties are easy to fasten by a simple twist. 

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Trash bags are available in different colours, with black and white being the most popular worldwide. Colours also determine the price, with black garbage bags being the cheapest.

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Compactly packed to ensure effiecient space-saving for both retailers and consumers.

COMPACT (Starseal Garbage Bags)

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for foods/liquids

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for HOT foods/liquids

TAPAO (Flat Bags)

Perfect cup carry bags made to carry 1,2 and 3 hot or cold beverage cups. It prevents leakage and condensation. This is convenient and definetly great for a variety of carryout needs!

Cup Carrier Bags

Freezer bags are thicker, tougher and more durable to store food in the freezer.


Code: Freezy
Size (inch): 14 x 20
Quantity: 150 pcs/pack
Packets/Sack: 12


Disposable aprons are easy to clean and suitable to use in food handling, house work tasks, pharmaceutical etc


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The economical version of cup handle bags for takeaway drinks, making life easier.
Suitable for milk tea shop, coffee shop, burger shop etc.