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Garbage bags are also called trash bags or bin bags. They are useful for lining the inside of a waste bin to prevent the bin from being coated with waste materials. When the bag is full, they are taken to the waste collection centres for final trashing.

Garbage bags are essential items and can be found in homes, offices, and industrial facilities using waste bins. Garbage bags are available in different sizes for different sizes of bins.

Because of their differences in sizes, construction and area of application, choosing the right garbage bag that fits your requirements is vital.

How to Choose The Right Garbage Bag



Perfect cup carry bags made to carry 1,2 and 3 hot or cold beverage cups. It prevents leakage and condensation. This is convenient and definetly great for a variety of carryout needs!
Freezer bags are thicker, tougher and more durable to store food in the freezer.
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